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Оборудование LaserFor — Ваше конкурентное преимущество!

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Модельный ряд LaserFor включает в себя оборудование для лазерной гравировки, маркировки, резки и сварки. Спектр обрабатываемых материалов крайне широк: любые металлы и сплавы, дерево, пластики, кожа, стекло, бумага, картон, любые окрашенные поверхности. И это только часть списка!
The flagship of the line fiber engravers from the company LaserFor.

With its rich set LaserFor PB-V1 is capable of performing the most tasks. This model can be found in almost all plants, such as service centers (photo on the documents), production facilities, manufacturing plants.

It can be equipped with two popular brands of laser emitters: IPG (Germany) and Raycus (PRC).

LaserFor PB-V1

Ideal for the commercial network. Due to its compact size allows for marking on small areas.
If necessary, the basic equipment can be extended to the parameters of PB-V1.

LaserFor PB-V2

LaserFor PB-V3 in the new version - an enhanced version of the budget fiber engraver.

This model is designed to carry a small amount of work. Its capabilities in comparison with older models are not so great, but what can do LaserFor PB-V3, does it well.
LaserFor PB-V3 - the minimum necessary for an unprecedented price!

LaserFor PB-V3

Gas engravers LaserFor MP Series in the new version - an uncompromising combination of reliability, high speed and affordable prices!
LaserFor MP - the most popular series. These engravers most versatile and equally successfully cope with both the engraving and cutting with a variety of materials.
The variety of complete sets allows you to choose to install it to your problem, not overpaying for unnecessary functions.

LaserFor MP

Industrial gas engravers LaserFor MPO designed for engraving and cutting of large area sheets.
Built-in industrial PC with the software of the latest generation in Russian and Japanese Yakasawa drives provide maximum accuracy and speed of processing.
Series CO2 engravers LaserFor well proven in large enterprises very different directions and enjoys well-deserved popularity in the market.

LaserFor MPO

Лазерные сварочные аппараты построены на базе волоконного (твердотельного) излучателя. Их профильные задачи - это точечная сварка, пайка, наплавка и перфорация любых металлов и сплавов.

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